They are interactive games which, thanks to microencapsulated liquid crystals, respond to hand touch by changing color and they can convey any message.
Just lightly press a finger on the sensitive "liquid crystal" area of the card to test your sensitivity, mood and… anything else having to do with love, friendship, luck, sports, leisure time, or …whatever your imagination suggests!
Thanks to the body temperature liquid crystals change their colour from black to red, green and blue and when matched on the colour reference scale will indicate a message.

On the contrary, Stress card & Blood control card provides indications as to stress and blood circulation by measuring the temperature of fingertips. It is based on a scientifically proven physiological principle, according to which a condition of stress causes blood to be diverted from the extremities to vital organs (heart, brain, lungs, muscles), thus resulting in cold hands and feet. The test can be repeated over and over.